SFA alum reacts to NCAA probation

SFA alum reacts to NCAA probation
SFA (Source: KLTV)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KLTV) - The NCAA probation of three years rocking the SFA campus is now settling down among the students and alumni, what matters now is where do they go from here.

The lumberjack pride has always been front and center. Andy Teel, an East Texas businessman weighs in on the school’s set back.

“You know we are very proud of our program, we’ve made huge strides like you said, the past you know really ten with our athletic dept and we were going in a really positive direction and you get hit with something like this, it stuns you for a second,” Teel said.

Andy Teel used to be the president of the student body. So now, the school and its base will have to regroup, and despite the NCAA hit towards the baseball, basketball teams of men and women, and the football program, Teel feels pretty good about the leadership already on campus, after all, it was that leadership that brought the attention to the NCAA about the use of the 82 ineligible athletes from over the years. But he tells KLTV sports he’s very optimistic about the school’s future and says moving forward the Jacks will be in a good place.

“But looking at your new leadership, Ryan Ivey the new athletic director, Kyle Keller, Coach Cardenas you know, Coach Carthel that brought in all this new staff, they’re leading our program in the right direction.”

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