Texas Supreme Court rules evictions can resume in Texas

Texas Supreme Court rules evictions can resume in Texas
Apartment complex in Tyler, Texas (Source: Julian Esparza)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Back in March, the Texas Supreme Court stopped evictions across the state.

Now, that same court has ruled evictions can continue as normal.

Smith County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Andy Dunklin says they’re already at work.

"Beginning June 1st, those evictions will start being heard in Texas courts,” Dunklin said.

Dunklin says they typically see about 10 to 15 evictions every week in his precinct, which is home to half of all apartment complexes in Smith County. He says he expects that number to go up as the proceedings start again.

"Looking at August, we may have 35 to 50 a week. Just trying to get those caught up, it’d be a lot,” Dunklin said.

Eviction hearings in Texas were allowed to begin yesterday. Dunklin says the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling means everyone will have to pay their rent on time as usual.

"Just because your apartment is federally funded and only because your rent is subsidized, it doesn’t give you the opportunity not to pay your rent and so that won’t be something that will be taken into consideration,” Dunklin said.

With the statewide stay-at-home order now lifted and many businesses starting to reopen, Dunklin says it’s time to get back to hearing evictions too.

"I know that tenants are affected by this, but also homeowners, landlords, apartment managers. They’re not receiving, for a lot of people, they depend on that rent money that they get renting out a house for their own rent or their own payment, so they’re affected by this also,” Dunklin said.

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