Affidavit: Wood County man ‘in fear for his life’ stabbed auto repair worker 9 times

Affidavit: Wood County man ‘in fear for his life’ stabbed auto repair worker 9 times
Billy Cotten (Source: Wood County Judicial Records)

WOOD COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Some light has been shed on what happened May 13 when a man was stabbed inside a Winnsboro car repair shop.

The arrest warrant affidavit shows that when two police officers arrived at Bob’s Auto Repair Shop in response to an aggravated assault call, they found repair shop employee Steven Lancaster, 54, lying on the floor of the business with multiple stab wounds. He was taken to the hospital, where he died later that day.

The arrest warrant affidavit obtained by KLTV reveals that suspect Billy Cotten, 70, was found by police sitting in his truck in front of the shop. When questioned, Cotten told police that he had stabbed Lancaster once, though the medical examination showed that the victim had been stabbed multiple times.

Cotten said that he and Lancaster had gotten into and altercation and he had been shoved to the ground and kicked by Lancaster. He said that he was in fear for his life so he pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Lancaster once in the chest.

Police took a look at video from cameras inside the shop. They said that in the video, Lancaster is seen entering the frame from the back of the shop and is aggressively yelling at someone. Then Cotten is shown entering the frame, and he had a knife in his right hand. Lancaster ran at Cotten and kicked him before falling to the ground. When he got up and charged at Cotten, Cotten is seen stabbing Lancaster multiple times before they both fall to the ground.

Police say that Cotten is seen stabbing Lancaster at least one more time when the two men were scuffling on the ground. In total, medical examiners say that there were nine stab wounds on Lancaster’s body, including his chest, shoulders, face, neck, and knee.

Cotten was arrested and charged with murder. He was booked into the Wood County Jail on $50,000 surety bond. He bonded out the following day.

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