Canton City Council set to discuss COVID-19-related tweaks to First Monday plans

Canton City Council set to discuss COVID-19-related tweaks to First Monday plans
Since the 1850s, First Monday Trade Days in Canton has been a place where thousands of people from all over the country have gone to shop.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Canton is gearing up for the next First Monday in the wake of having to cancel last month’s Trade Days event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A subsection of one of the items on the agenda for tonight’s regular meeting is related to the monthly flea market. Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett said they set the agenda ahead of Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest announcement about the process to re-open Texas’ economy.

Everett said as they had expected, Abbott said that restaurants in areas that don’t have spikes in COVID-19 cases can now open to 50 percent of their capacity, so that was good news to Canton’s restaurant owners and managers.

Canton’s mayor said they will be putting out messages on social media and signs urging First Monday attendees to follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendations for limiting the spread of infectious diseases - social distancing, hand sanitizing, and surface cleaning and disinfecting. Everett said the city’s leadership will also be urging to follow those recommendations in their First Monday booths and stalls.

Everett said Canton even has a manufacturer that will be providing hand sanitizer to the First Monday vendors and patrons.

The website for First Monday Trade Day describes it as the “world’s largest flea market” First Monday typically hosts more than 5,000 vendors selling a wide variety of items.

The agenda item calls for “discussion and consideration of appropriate action regarding the city of Canton’s response to the urgent public necessity concerning COVID-19.”

The second subsection of the agenda item deals with potential cancelations/re-scheduling of upcoming city events.

Everett said Canton originally had a balloon fest and a marathon scheduled for June or July. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the marathon has been pushed back to January of 2021, and the balloon fest may be held at some time in the fall, she said.

The dances and church meetings that were scheduled to be in the Canton Civic Center in mid-July are still on, Everett said. She said even at 50-percent capacity, the civic center will hold about 1,000 people, so people attending the events should have plenty of space to practice social distancing.

Regarding the budget adjustments the City of Canton will have to make because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Everett said they are going to have to delay a number of pending projects. She said that some of the projects may need to be pushed back at least two years.

However, Everett said the City of Canton won’t be able to put off its sewer project.

The city council meeting will be held at Canton City hall, which is located at 201 N. Buffalo Street, at 6 p.m. tonight.

To read the full agenda tonight’s meeting, click here.

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