Lubbock spectators celebrate first responders at B-1 flyover

Lubbock spectators celebrate first responders at B-1 flyover

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Spectators gathered north of Covenant Medical Center Hospital to watch the flyover Friday. Just before noon, a U.S. Air Force B-1 Bomber flew over the hospital to show their support for those working on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus.

The B-1′s flyover started in Amarillo, then traveled to Lubbock’s VA clinic, then flew over Covenant Medical Center - then on to Odessa, Midland and Abilene. KCBD had the chance to talk to several individuals and families that came out to watch the flyover.

11-year-old Genaro and 10-year-old Aubrey Carrillo watched the flyover Friday with their family. They also attended the other flyover earlier this week. We asked the siblings if they knew why the planes were flying over.

“Yes, to support our first responders and everybody who are out here during this virus,” Genaro said.

The Carrillos said their mom was an essential worker.

We asked, “How does that make you feel knowing that people are doing this for people like your mom?”

“I just makes us happy that they’re helping us,” Aubrey said.

“Yeah, they’re doing this because they’re thankful for these people that are out here,” Genaro said.

The Bishop family also attended and had their own answers for why they thought the planes were flying over.

“To let them see that they’re proud of it,” they said. “What are they proud of the doctors for? For helping everyone. For helping with the corona. For helping with the sickness, and everything else.”

Gary Bentley is a Lubbock resident and Army veteran serving in Vietnam. He shared what he thought about the flyovers this week.

"I was impressed in the fact that they cared to take time to come show these people their appreciation,” said Bently “My wife had been employed with Covenant for 29 years. Honoring Covenant honors her. So that’s the reason why I’m here.”

Caleb Wischkaemper is a first responder and explained what it feels like to be honored in this way.

“It’s really humbling, because those people, they’re out on the front lines, year-round,” said Wischkaemper, “This pandemic has kind of taken everybody by surprise, but most people are out there doing it year after year. You know, stuff that we’re grateful for because we get to stay home and take care of people here.”

To watch the live stream of the flyover, click here.

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