Matthew McConaughey mentions Longview HS classmate on GMA

Mcconaughey Classmate

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Not many of us have heard their name mentioned on Good Morning America, but when it’s mentioned there by an Oscar-winning actor, well that’s a pretty big deal.

On Friday morning, Matthew McConaughey appeared to give a commencement speech for a class of first responders. First, he mentioned that the best piece of advice given to him while he was in school came from a Longview High School classmate.

“Best advice I got in high school was probably from a friend of mind name Ranese Sherman. I remember one morning before school, she came up and complimented me on what I was wearing … ‘you are a good looking guy Matthew’ … I kinda was like, ‘Ohhh,’ and she reached out and grabbed my arm and said, ‘Hey, just say thank you,"McConaughey said on GMA. “’When someone pays you a compliment, you don’t need to be falsely modest just, look them in the eye and say thanks. You’ll never forget that.' Thank you.”

Well, her name is Ranese Sherman Henderson now, and she has a family and still lives in Longview. She and McConaughey were pretty good friends in high school.

We tracked her down to talk to her about the advice she gave her classmate before they graduated back in 1988.

Ranese Sherman Henderson hasn’t seen Mathew McConaughey since the 2019 Longview High School graduation ceremony when he spoke to the graduates. She didn’t expect him to bring her up on national television.

“I like that he thought of something so positive, and it was kind of cool,” Renese said.

She didn’t see it run live.

“I saw it after the fact. Some people had sent it to me so we got on and watched it. So it was kind of fun,” Renese said with a smile.

From time to time, McConaughey does communicate with his old high school buddies.

“We all turned 50 this year, and so he sent videos through that. He came in for graduation last year, and I got to see him then,” Renese said.

Not just with the rest of the crowd - she and other classmates talked with him in person.

“We got to see him before the commencement, and ironically, he asked me if I remembered something I told him in high school, and that came up: what he said on Good Morning America this morning,” Renese relayed.

And, as far as where McConaughey ended up:

“He was always full of life. It doesn’t surprise me. There were so many people in our grade that accomplished so much and I knew he’d be one of them,” Renese added.

I have a feeling he’s been taking compliments well since 1988.

Well, it’s sort of come full circle since Renese’s daughter Caroline is a senior with Longview High School and will graduate this year. Renese also adds she does occasionally see McConaughey at UT Longhorn games.

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