Students report issues when trying to submit AP tests

AP Test Troubles

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Hallsville High School junior Mason Morris is busy studying for his AP tests. He’s taking five of them this year and they are crucial as he looks to get college credit.

"Yeah, you’re learning for the curriculum, but that’s also what you’re doing for the whole year is preparing for those tests,” Morris said.

But this year, COVID-19 has forced the tests online. Now, many students are having issues when trying to submit their work.

"It’s already stressful enough, obviously, with these tests, trying to get college credit, but then once you see that like ‘oh, they didn’t get my answers and my work,’ it leaves me like, ‘well what do I do now? Was that my fault? Did I just blow it? Like, what can I do like if I lost my chance?’ It just adds onto that stress even more,” Morris said.

Mason’s mom, Kristi, says she has tried to contact The College Board, who administers the tests, but they haven’t received any word on a possible solution.

“We’ve put in the work, we’ve paid for the tests, and we expect a certain outcome and if they can’t deliver that, completely understand, but at least acknowledge it and tell us what the fix is,” Kristi Kemper said.

The College Board says students can retake the tests in June if they have technical issues the first time around, but for students like Mason, they’re not sure yet if they’ll get that chance.

“They offered no help, no relief, and now we have to wait to even see if he can retest. We have no confirmation that he can even retest,” Kemper said.

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