Scuba instructor explains how to keep your glasses from fogging with mask on

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Updated: May. 11, 2020 at 12:51 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - While wearing a face mask is highly encouraged for everyone’s health and safety, those who wear glasses may struggle with their lenses fogging up while wearing the mask.

“It’s similar to a pair of glasses, you get oils from your skin or other fluids from your body on your glasses and that dries and it creates a film of bio-matter on the inside,” said Stephen Peacock.

Peacock owns Steve’s Scuba Diva Shop in Tyler. He’s used to cleaning lenses on scuba masks, so they don’t fog.

“The solution we use to prevent fogging actually removes the bio-matter from the inside of the mask, causing it to be a flat surface, so condensation doesn’t build up on the inside of the mask," said Peacock.

I tested the saliva theory and didn’t notice any difference, but Peacock tested out a solution his shop uses and saw no more fogging.

“We use a combination of baby shampoo and just a little bit of Dawn, as well, mixed with water,” said Peacock.

The solution is 50 percent baby shampoo, 40 percent Dawn dish soap, and 10 percent water.

“Spray the inside of the lens and then we’ll take our fingers and rub it because we’re trying to clean the inside of the mask,” said Peacock. “Once we get that process done, it’s best for us to wait about 30 seconds and then thoroughly rinse our mask and it works wonderfully.”

Peacock said he’s found more success with using a name brand baby shampoo and Dawn dish soap than off-brand comparisons when cleaning lenses.

He said they clean their scuba masks after every use so it might be beneficial to thoroughly clean your glasses with the solution each day if you’re out and wearing a mask often.

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