ETN INTERVIEW: Tyler doctor talks about COVID-19 testing

The Next Normal: Tyler doctor talks about COVID-19 testing

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - During an interview on East Texas Now Thursday, a Tyler doctor said the demand for the COVID-19 diagnostic test performed at his office seems to be going down.

KLTV’s Blake Holland spoke to Dr. Stephen C. Spain about the testing that has been going on at his office. Spain said that has been doing the PCR test, which requires swabs to be taken from a person’s nose, mouth, or both to see if he or she is shedding the coronavirus. Last week, Spain’s office also started offering the antibody test, which shows if a person is infected with COVID-19 or has been recently infected with the virus.

“We’re not doing the drive-thru test, the diagnostic test, as often as we were,” Spain said. “There just doesn’t seem to be the demand for it, which is good.”

Spain also said that the turnaround time for COVID-19 test results has improved dramatically. Unlike the early part of the COVID-19 crisis where it often took weeks for people to get their results back, he said that some people who have been tested recently got their results back in a day.

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