East Texas Jeep Outlaws hold drive-by rally at UT Health in honor of man who died in crash

East Texas Jeep Outlaws hold drive-by rally at UT Health in honor of man who died in crash

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - If you were in Tyler Sunday afternoon, you may have seen a long procession of Jeeps driving by. Those Jeeps were headed to UT Health Main Hopsital for a special reason.

“The paramedic told me the only reason she’s alive is because he jerked to the right a little bit and he took the full brunt of the force,” said Janee Garrigan describing the car accident her daughter and husband were involved in.

The car accident left Lyric, 16, in the ICU and took the life of Patrick Garrigan. It happened Friday evening on Highway 64.

“They were going to get Whataburger and they got into a pretty bad accident,” said Janee.

Janee and Lyric said Patrick was always willing to lend a helping hand.

“He was a fun-loving guy, easy going, he never met a stranger, he always wanted to help,” said Janee. “It was his favorite thing to see someone on the side of the road that needed help, so he could help them.”

“If he saw anybody stuck, he said ‘hey man, do you need help I’m here to help’,” said Lyric.

“That’s why he was so loved,” said Janee. “He was a good guy, a great guy.”

On Sunday, Lyric was released from the ICU just in time to see roughly 80 Jeeps drive by the front of the hospital in support of her and her dad.

“It meant so much to me, it made me realize how much people loved him,” said Lyric. “He was a great dad, a great person; everyone loved him.”

“With a simple text, within 24 hours, he had 6 Jeep clubs — including some from Oklahoma — come into town and they rallied through in front of UT main hospital for her to see the support of her getting out of the hospital and for my husband,” said Janee.

Those Jeep clubs came together and raised $1200 for the Garrigan family by selling decals in honor of Patrick’s Jeep “Punisher”. The money will be going towards Patrick’s funeral.

“We’ve opted to do a graveside service only, that way anybody can be there,” said Janee. “If they want to pay their respects from their vehicles they can, but we’re doing graveside service so everyone can attend. It’s not just our Jeep club, Patrick was ex law enforcement, the sheriff’s office is going to be there, I’m not sure what other agencies. EMS is going to be there supporting me.”

Lyric and Janee said they’re going to learn to drive the manual Jeep Patrick got for Lyric so they can take it to events in Patrick’s honor.

“Just remember to always hug them, no matter what, you don’t know when they’re going to go, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Lyric. “Just tell them you love them, everyday.”

Both Lyric and Janee said the support they’ve received has been overwhelming.

“Everybody that’s called, texted, messaged, thank you to the Jeep clubs that came out, the overwhelming support and love we’ve been wrapped in has helped,” said Janee. “I hope nobody has to go through, this it’s awful. Thank you all so much, it has overwhelmingly helped.”

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