Kilgore church collecting donations for storm victims in Onalaska

Kilgore church collecting donations for storm victims in Onalaska

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Onalaska residents are working hard to put their lives back together after a devastating tornado ripped through their community. And an East Texas church recognized that they could help meet some of their immediate needs.

Wade McKinney, senior pastor at All Tribes Worship Center in Kilgore is big on helping his neighbors, even if they’re three hours away.

“We are partnering with a church that is in Onalaska, Texas, where the tornado hit last Wednesday, and we are taking down a full semi tractor trailer like the one right here behind me,” McKinney said.

Of course, early Monday morning they had a ways to go as far as filling it, but McKinney was confident it would eventually be:

“Full of paper goods, water, diapers, peanut butter, individually wrapped items,” McKinney relayed.

And they have another partner.

“We’re also meeting another semi that will be there. It’s a refrigerated truck that has food in it from front to back. And it’s already cold and so we’re going to be able to serve the people that have been through the tornado,” McKinney said.

He’s heard from friends at the Fresh Fire Ecclesia church in Onalaska that supplies are low.

“We’re going to be able to resupply the people that have been affected by the storm,” McKinney said.

Mike Everitt was handed a flyer at the front of Longview’s Sam’s Club, and he decided to buy a little extra to help out.

“You never know when you may need some help and so, help your fellow man, and there you are,” Everitt said.

And many felt the same, even before donations began rolling in.

“We organized it in less than 48 hours to put everything together, thanks to Sam’s, thanks to Kilgore Feed and Seed; everything that came together, it’s just incredible for us to be able to do this,” McKinney said.

The truck came from Kilgore Feed and Seed.

“We will leave our church at 6 am, be there to set up at 9:30 am, and we’ll start distribution at 11,” McKinney said.

All Tribes Worship Center has only been around about a month, but McKinney says they’ve done this sort of thing before since:

“It’s second nature to try to do something like this in a time of crisis,” McKinney added.

All Tribes Worship Center will be set up at the Longview Sam’s Club parking lot until closing time at 8 pm. They say if you have something you can donate that would serve a tornado survivor’s immediate needs to bring it by and drop it off.

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