East Texas businesses operate retail to-go as state loosens COVID-19 restrictions

WEBXTRA: East Texas businesses operating as retail to-go as state loosens COVID-19 restrictions

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order allowing retailers and other small businesses to reopen as retail to-go went into effect Friday.

“Retail as we knew it two months ago, is totally different today,” Owner of Harley’s in Tyler, Harley Hooper said.

Across Texas, nonessential businesses can return to some normalcy by opening back up but they’ll need to keep their doors closed to the public.

“We are fully sanitized, we wash our hands after almost everything we do, we have masks, we have the doors locked, we deliver to the parking lot,” he said.

Hooper has owned Harley’s for over 40 years, and his wife, own multiple establishments in Tyler, Harley’s, Bridgette’s, just to name a few. They’re changing their ways of business because of COVID-19.

“We do the transaction over the phone, where there is no hand-to-hand contact and then we will either gift-wrap or deliver it to their car and put it in the trunk of their car,” Hooper said.

Kerri Camp, marketing professor for UT Tyler says, this approach will help the economy and benefit local businesses.

"I think consumers are excited to be able to get back and start shopping and start supporting local businesses…I think that we’re going to see consumers will embrace this new strategy,” she said.

Retail To Go

Camp says, people are purchasing more items online due to the pandemic.

For more information on the retail-to-go guidelines, click here.

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