WATCH: Titus County judge clarifies mandatory mask order

Miren: El juez del condado Titus aclara la orden de máscara obligatoria

MOUNT PLEASANT, Texas (KLTV) - Titus County Judge Brian Lee appeared on East Texas Now Monday to explain why he has signed an order requiring customers to wear masks in retail outlets.

Lee said some misinformation has been spread about the order. The order is specifically for retail outlets and masks are not required if residents are just leaving their homes.

Lee said the order has been well-received by the public. He said about 80 percent of the feedback has been positive.

Lee said he did not want to address consequences for any violators. He said he is confident the public will obey the order.

The county has installed 55-gallon drums of hand sanitizer at both fire station in Mount Pleasant so that retailers can be supplied.

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