WATCH: Jennifer Kielman’s gratitude for healthcare workers

WATCH: Jennifer Kielman's gratitude for healthcare workers

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Jennifer Kielman sat down with East Texas Now Wednesday afternoon and talked about a couple new studies out about coronavirus, in addition to sharing a video tribute to healthcare workers.

One has to do with a link between susceptibility and blood type. It seems Type A folks are more susceptible than other blood types. Not by much though. They also touched on new statistics that came out Tuesday in regard to the 300,000 plus people diagnosed with COVID-19 from February 12 to April 9. It seems 19 percent of those diagnosed are health care workers, 73 percent are female and the median age is 42. Twenty-seven health care workers died.

It wasn’t all serious though. They two talked about dating and social distancing and more. You can watch at the video above.

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