Former SFA play-by-play announcer, alum fighting COVID-19

Former SFA play-by-play announcer, alum fighting COVID-19
Bobby Mauro with his mo and dad following the berth of his first-born (Source: Bobby Mauro)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Former Stephen F. Austin student and former play-by-play announcer for the SFA women’s basketball team Bobby Mauro is stuck in his guest bedroom in the Woodlands away from his family as he battles through COVID-19 symptoms.

While there has not been a positive diagnosis, he is carrying the same symptoms his father has, who did recently test positive.

“I am fighting through it,” Mauro said. “First it was the fever. The highest I got up to was 102. I was at 91 this morning but it is up again. We are both hitting the respiratory problems. The coughing. The heaviness of the chest. It is a real thing.”

Mauro’s wife has a compromised immune system so for the past several weeks the two have been staying at home, with Mauro only getting out to go to the grocery story for supplies.

“We had been at home for two weeks and so had my mom at her house,” Mauro said. “We decided one day to go show off the baby to them and went over. My dad asked if I wanted to go with him to get everyone dinner. We were in the truck for like 10 minutes. My dad and I took every precaution to sanitize but we didn’t think about the truck he sits in on his way home from work. We think that is where it spread from him to me. We are not sure but we think it was there.”

“I have an incredible wife,” Mauro said. “She is strong. She is pulling double duty right now. I will open the door and she will be down the hallway and I will get to say hi to her and baby Harper. It is very tough. It is tough to stay in here and not be able to interact with my baby girl and hug on my wife. It is a sacrifice you have to make. I am reasonable healthy. I am 25. The scary part for me is not me but the people around me. If anyone gets anything from this I want them to take it seriously. I got this from just a few minutes of interaction with my father. This is serious. It is an illness I can not explain to anything else I have had. It is like a tone of bricks on my chest.”

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