Marshall police chief talks about investigation into large fights

Eight people have been arrested and charged with participating in a riot

Marshall police chief talks about investigation into large fights

MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - The investigation continues into a series of large, violent fights between two groups in Marshall.

Last week, eight people were arrested and charged with participating in a riot, after investigators were able to identify them from videos of the fights.

Those videos were posted to social media, and Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth said concerned residents then forwarded those videos to police.

Carruth tells us some of the fights involved 50 to 60 people and that they happened in public places, including parking lots and apartment complexes.

“Obviously, we’re not going to allow people to fight in public, assault each other. But, also we felt like it was potentially spreading the coronavirus as well during the emergency order so we started looking into to see how we could easily stop this,” he said. “It’s difficult for an officer, if you’ve got one or two officers driving up and there are 50 or 60 people engaged in a fight. You might can arrest one or two, but as far as stopping it, it wasn’t stopping it. It was just moving it from one location to the next.”

Carruth said some of the information investigators have received points to the fights being connected to drive-by shootings that happened several weeks prior to fights. He said there were no shots fired during any of the physical altercations.

“Of course it’s placing not only these individuals in danger, but it’s also placing everyone in our community in danger when a large group breaks out into a fight in a public place, we certainly wanted to stop that,” Carruth said.

And he said there haven’t been any similar instances since the arrests last Tuesday.

“We’re not going to tolerate the fighting. We’re not going to tolerate the assaults. These individuals are not only placing the general public at risk. Obviously, they’re placing themselves and their family at risk. We’re not going to tolerate it. We’re going to use whatever means necessary, as far as the law allows, to stop this to help protect our community," Carruth said. “It’s just important for the community to work together and we certainly never need this type of activity, the fights and violence to occur in our community. But at all times now, we need to work together.”

Those arrested are:

  • Tyra Valentine, 20
  • Deshunan Watson, 27
  • Talensia Worth, 25,
  • Tylik Taylor, 21,
  • Ashlee Manning, 26,
  • Jamecia Okra, 22,
  • Jiveon Gray, 24,
  • Iveon Gray, also 24


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