Grocery delivery service eases stress for customers amidst COVID-19

Grocery delivery service eases stress for customers amidst COVID-19

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Grocery shopping is an essential task and with COVID-19 and stay home orders in place, some are too worried to go out, while some are unable to.

One East Texas woman is helping the community by working as a personal shopper through Instacart, a grocery pick up and delivery service.

Customers shop for groceries through their mobile app or website, then a personal shopper picks up the items and delivers them to your house. Recently though, service has taken off.

“On a normal day, before all of this started, I usually would get like maybe two or three orders per day. Maybe like ten or twelve orders a week,” said Keara Adams, personal shopper. “I’ve been getting anywhere from 15 to 20 orders a day.”

With all the requests, Adams has to manage her time and think ahead.

“I pretty much just try to time each order. If it’s less than 50 items, I usually try to keep it to less than 30 minutes to shop the order and deliver,” Adams said. “Maybe an extra 15 to deliver depending on how far out it is.”

Instacart is making sure they keep their employees safe and sanitized.

“They're actually sending us out a kit with a thermometer, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves. That’s going to take like a day or so to get to everyone,” Adams said.

One of the biggest items Adams has had trouble finding is, you guessed it, toilet paper.

“One of the biggest issues I’ve been running into, there’s no toilet paper, no paper towels, Lysol,” said Adams. “So pretty much whenever I get there and realize it’s not there, I have to go in and refund it.”

The delivery service helps the customers, but Adams got cut back on some hours at her job, so this has equally helped her.

“So in a way this kind of helped me also,” Adams said. “So the customers are like, ‘Thank you so much.’ but I’m like, ‘Thank you too,’ you know?”

And she is happy to do it.

“Why not go ahead and get their groceries for them so they don’t have to be exposed to those types of germs,” Adams said. “So you know, it makes me feel good to know that I am helping someone else and keeping them out of harm's way.”

Instacart continues to update their shoppers and customers through notifications on the latest with COVID-19.

Adams said the shoppers are taking necessary steps to ensure your groceries get to your home safely.

She does recommend throwing away the plastic bags.

Instacart is available in your phone’s app store.

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