Virtual classes keep East Texans dancing during COVID-19 crisis

Elite Dance Center in Kilgore teaches classes to their students using ‘Zoom’

Elite Dance Center in Kilgore is holding virtual classes

Kilgore, Texas (KLTV) - Dance studios across the country have had to close their doors amid the Covid-19 pandemic. However, two dance instructors in Kilgore have found a way to keep their students chasséing, even during the pandemic.

Katie Quinn and Lexie Drennan, co-owners of Elite Dance Center in Kilgore, said they knew they had to find a way to keep their students dancing.

“Once the schools started closing down, we immediately thought, ‘We’ve got to do something to keep these kids going,’" Quinn said.

So, like other dance studios across East Texas and across the country, they turned to technology. They started teaching their classes using the online software, Zoom.

“It’s been a little weird teaching to my computer screen instead of a room full of kids," Drennan said.

Quinn and Drennan said that even though virtual dance classes may have their challenges, they also give students the chance to practice self-disciple and self-motivation outside of the studio. Most importantly though, they are still getting to do what they love.

“It’s definitely really different," said 13-year-old student Kyleigh Lewis. “We’ve never had anything like it before, but we love that Katie and Lexie are doing this for us and doing as much as they can, so we can still have the opportunity to dance."

But, Quinn said that it is more than the opportunity to dance. It is the opportunity to express themselves, as the world around them constantly changes.

“It provides an outlet for them to express themselves whether they’re feeling frustrated or scared," she said. "Dance can either take their mind off that or allow them to express themselves in a way that they can’t normally.”

And Drennan said that even though they’re no longer in the same room, they’re still thankful for the time they are able to spend together.

“Having that interaction with them, even if it is through a computer screen, is really important to us as teachers and to them as well.”

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