Longview parks still open; social distancing just as important outdoors

WEBXTRA: Longview parks still open; social distancing just as important outdoors

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Many East Texans have spent days in their homes and might be overdue for a little time outdoors. Fortunately public parks in Longview remain open. But the city is advising park goers heed rules set forth by the CDC.

Many people, like Longview City Spokesman Shawn Hara, believe some time outside can take our minds off what is happening in the country right now.

Longview’s public parks are open for just that reason. Hara says if you go:

“Do so with caution and making sure you’re still following the social distancing rule,” Hara said.

Signs have been posted advising that and more at all Longview parks.

“What the parks department has been doing is really been trying to do some additional cleaning of the parks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be everywhere all the time. You know it’s good advice wherever you’re going go ahead and do some additional wipe down if you’re going to be using equipment, those kind of things for your own protection,” Hara explained.

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Workers are cleaning much more than signs. They’re wiping down playground equipment at least once a day.

“As you’re using the trails make sure you’re not in big groups making it impossible for other people to pass by freely,” Hara said.

And they have done something to help keep people apart.

“We’ve actually taken down the hoops on our basketball goals and part of that is because; the open area is still available, But basketball is one of those things is that’s a little bit difficult to do without being in that 6 foot perimeter of somebody else,” Hara stated.

The city knows people are suffering from a little cabin fever.

“You’ve been inside for a long time. You need to be able to go outside. You need to be able to stretch your legs. You need to do exercise. And that’s one of those essential things activities. So we encourage you to use our parks” Jara said.

And park goer Kevin Osadolor agrees.

“Now that the kids are not in school and I don’t have anywhere to go for work so I have to sit up there and holler at the kids and it helps me with my insanity,” Kevin laughed.

“So we are going to follow those CDC guidelines, follow the directions from the governor. Right now we’ve got our parks open and we just want to make sure everyone uses them safely,” Hara added.

It’s maybe a little cliche but Shawn and I hope it’s true: happy trails.

Hara advises that if it looks like there are too many people at a park move on to the next one. The parks will remain open for the foreseeable future.

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WEBXTRA: Longview parks still open; social distancing just as important outdoors