Kilgore church creates Blessing Box to help fill community’s needs

Kilgore church creates Blessing Box to help fill community’s needs

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - A church in Kilgore is has created a way for East Texans to help one another during their time of need.

“I thought, well, it would be a great outreach for any church,” said Lita Wilkinson.

When Wilkinson learned about a blessing box in Henderson, she knew she wanted to bring one to her church in Kilgore.

“This just fit right in with our church, of reaching out into the community,” said Wilkinson.

Lita and her husband Greg had a box, put it together, and added a couple non-perishable items they had to start the box.

“The response has been really good,” said Greg. “The whole community has gotten behind it and realizes how it works.”

“We just can’t get over the response,” said Lita. “Everybody wanting to give — that’s great — because so many people need right now.”

The Wilkinsons said the box is for anyone in the community, not just members of the Trinity Assembly of God Church, where the box is located.

WEBXTRA: Kilgore church creates Blessing Box to help fill community's needs

“They can get anything they want out of there, anything they need,” said Greg. “They don’t have to put back; if they feel like putting back they can. You can receive a blessing or return a blessing.”

Lita said the box can also help those who don’t want to go to the grocery store.

“If they have underlying issues that make them more susceptible,” said Lita. “They can go to the box and pull up and get what canned good or groceries they need, that we have, and not have to come in contact with anybody.”

Lita and Greg said the blessing box is completely anonymous and they’re hoping this encourages those in need to use it and those able to give to do so.

Greg said they learned quickly they needed a bigger box, so they’re working on making a bigger one soon.

Lita said the box will remain after the COVID-19 pandemic to help people year-round. She said they’re hoping to keep it stocked with food items, person hygiene products and other things needed throughout different seasons.

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