Neighbors Helping Neighbors group provides donation boxes in Anderson County

Neighbors Helping Neighbors group provides donation boxes in Anderson County

PALESTINE, Texas (KLTV) - While many are self-isolating at home and social distancing as much as they can, others are ensuring those at home are taken care of.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Anderson County is a group of community members looking to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It all started with an idea and a passion to help,” said Mitchell Jordan, Palestine City Councilman for district two.

Diane Davis started the Facebook group last Tuesday evening and called it “Neighbors helping neighbors in Anderson County.”

“I thought, nobody is going to respond to this,” said Davis “I got up at four o’clock and it had 800 members. We went from 800 members to 3,500 members.”

Davis and a few other volunteers collect donations from community members and businesses to distribute to those in need due to COVID-19.

“It went from toilet paper and water, and now it’s a whole food pantry helping in the community,” said Jordan.

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“I think it’s a wonderful thing,” said Christine Thomas, a Palestine resident who received a box on Monday. “There should be more people like that out there to help, not just low-income families, everybody, in this time of need. Everybody should be helping one another.”

The group is allowing people to pickup boxes in Palestine or they also are getting some help from the Palestine Police Department to make deliveries to those who can’t pickup or are out in the county.

“They’re biggest need was deliveries and we’re already out in the community,” said Mark Harcrow, the interim chief of police for the city of Palestine. “We know the areas, the streets, the addresses, the people. So, I asked if we could grab some of these boxes and help deliver the supplies.”

Jordan is hoping the group is something that encourages others and sticks around even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hopefully this can take off in other communities and other states and counties,” said Jordan. “People need it everywhere, this is not a Palestine issue, this is a humanity issue.”

Davis said she wants to thank the countless businesses and community members who have donated to the group to make their donation boxes possible and they’re asking for people to reach out via the Facebook group to make an appointment for items to be delivered or picked up.

For more information about the Neighbors Helping Neighbors group, please visit the group’s Facebook page.

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