Longview clinic warning patients after pediatrician exposed to COVID-19

Longview clinic warning patients after pediatrician exposed to COVID-19
COVID-19 image (Source: KLTV)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - More than 20 patients seen on the pediatric floor of the Diagnostic Clinic in Longview may have been exposed to COVID-19, according to Diagnostic Clinic CEO Bert Ratay.

Ratay said the clinic became aware last week that one of its pediatric providers had potentially been exposed to COVID-19.

“The provider immediately went to self quarantine and shortly after that, within a couple of days, some symptoms started to occur in the provider," Ratay said. “That was our trigger to reach out to patients that the provider had seen on Monday and half a day Tuesday to inform them of potential exposure so them and their families could start watching for symptoms and quarantine also.”

The provider’s symptoms began late Friday afternoon, according to Ratay. The test results are pending with Quest Laboratories.

“It’s not uncommon for that right now in the country given everything going on,” he said.

The provider’s symptoms were mild and have subsided, according to Ratay.

“But, obviously, not knowing enough about the disease, everything stays in place pending results,” he said.

The pediatric floor of the Diagnostic Clinic remains closed.

“We also had to make sure that people that were exposed that were our employees and our other providers did not become symptomatic. None have,” Ratay said.

The Diagnostic Clinic is also implementing new protocols regarding how it works with pediatric patients.

Ratay said the clinic could reopen as earlier as Wednesday to take care of children who are not sick in order to keep them on a schedule with vaccines.

“We’ll use Telehealth to take care of our children that are not feeling well, and if there’s one that’s not feeling well, and their provider needs to see them in person, we’ll have an outdoor facility set up in our parking garage," Ratay said.

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