Longview salon owner talks about impact of shelter-in-place order

Local Business Impact

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Gregg County’s shelter-at-home order not only affects residents movements for two weeks, but also affects businesses that are considered non-essential.

Salons fall under that category.

KLTV 7s Jamey Boyum talks with a Longview salon owner to find out about their survival plans.

WEBXTRA: Longview salon owner talks about impact of shelter-in-place order

Longview’s Salon Pink is a pretty busy place as you can see through a window. Owner Ricia Hulsey said they’ve been taking appointments only, no walk ins, to comply with present occupancy requirements.

They’ve also been going to extra lengths to:

“Sanitize everything and Lysol everything. Antibacterial is everywhere, we’re spraying the chairs just to make people feel comfortable, but you know it really does affect us because it’s our livelihood,” Hulsey said.

She’s talking about the mandatory two-week shutdown that goes into effect in Longview on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. As far as her coworkers she has:

“Eighteen, 20 stylists that I have to worry about,” Hulsey revealed.

So they’ve been splitting shifts to keep occupancy down. And to pay their bills in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to try and go to another county and work if we have to,” Hulsey said.

She’s told her stylists:

“If someone will let them work in their shop then just to do it,” Hulsey said.

She says they’ll all be cautious.

“You don’t want this to spread and we want this to be over,” Hulsey said.

And as far as conversation in the shop, it’s pretty much the same topic.

“What everybody’s talking about; I mean corona. That’s all you hear everywhere,” she said.

Business has been steady but clients who feel sick that have had appointments:

“Call us and tell us they don’t want to come in just in case,” Hulsey said.

So for now all they can do is comply and shut down until they get the OK to reopen.

“After this is all done, we’ll probably be really slammed which will be a good thing,” Hulsey said.

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