Senior living center ‘makes it work’ to ensure residents have fun during COVID-19 restrictions

Senior living center ‘makes it work’ to ensure residents are having run

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Senior living facilities all over the country have had to stop allowing visitors and activity gatherings because of COVID-19.

Willow Creek Healthcare Centre in Mount Vernon is doing all they can to ensure residents are staying happy and occupied.

“First and foremost, when staff enter the building, they are required to enter the building and take a brief survey,” said Miachel Herrera, the director of marketing at Willow Creek.

“They’ve got us going in different directions and being careful about what we touch,” said Susan Miller, a resident at Willow Creek. “It’s not bad, it’s safe, and safe is good.”

“It’s definitely changed because we can’t do the activities we’re used to,” said Brittany Alvarez, a CNA at Willow Creek. “We’re having to stay in rooms.”

Staff are ensuring residents can still play their favorite game, just in a new way.

“We’re doing our bingo in the rooms and that’s fun because bingo is one of our favorite activities during the week,” said Miller.

“He’ll get on the intercom and the residents will sit outside their door, with their table and have their bingo cards and he’ll call it over the intercom,” said Alvarez. “They enjoy it, they love it.”

Along with bingo, residents are getting in-room fresh fruit deliveries, in-room manicures, family Facetime calls and window visits from family members.

“It helps a whole lot to take the stress of sitting and thinking about what it’s doing now, what everybody is going through and trying to handle it,” said Miller. “We’re not just sitting thinking we can’t do anything about it.”

“We just want to make sure they’re happy, they’re not feeling neglected and they’re not going crazy in their room,” said Alvarez. “We’re just trying to make the best of it, honestly.”

Residents at the facility said they’re thankful for the staffs’ extra cleaning and precautions, but they’re extra thankful for their extreme kindness.

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