ENT Interview: Texas band members talk about COVID-19’s impact on local musicians

ETN Sydney - VOD - clipped version

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - KLTV anchor Sydney Shadrix spoke to members of a Texas band Thursday morning about the impact the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has had on local and/or lesser-known artists.

The band is called Penny and Sparrow. Its two members met while they were attending college in Austin. One member still lives in Waco.

Penny and Sparrow was originally scheduled to perform at the Liberty Hall in Tyler on Friday, but that concert was canceled because of growing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. The band members talked about re-structuring their lives for possibly the next eight months.

Like other local bands, a big chunk of their income comes from touring. When they can’t play concerts, they’re not making any money. The situation is even tougher on local and/or lesser-known artists who can’t depend as much on getting money from live streams.

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