Bored at home? Here are some things you can do online or safely in the car

Safe Things To Do

(KLTV) - As social distancing becomes the new (temporary) normal and East Texas school districts shut their doors to help contain the spread of COVID-19, kids are finding themselves with much more time spent at home.

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, we’re compiling a list of events you can safely take part in either online or in the car!

Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari - Jacksonville

WEBXTRA: Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari

Think of Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari as a reverse zoo -- animals peer into your vehicle as you hold in hand food meant for them alone to eat.

The park has even taken extra precautions due to the spread of COVID-19.

“If a customer doesn’t want to come in, just call us before you arrive... we will send somebody out to take care of you curbside,” said Ashley Ischy, co-owner of the drive-thru safari. “We’ve also changed our entire check-in procedure altogether for those of our guests who do want to come in and check-in.”

After check-in, guests don’t have to leave their car again. The safari boasts around 700 animals of 35 different species and a 5-mile trail that takes about two hours to go through, according to the company’s website.

“It’s a great learning experience for kiddos, it’s a lot of fun for the parents. It’s just a great way to get out of the house,” Ischy added.

Lillie Russell Memorial Library - Lindale

WEBXTRA: Lillie Russell Memorial Library in Lindale offers curbside service

Looking for entertainment you can pick-up and take home with you? Lillie Russell Memorial Library in Lindale is now offering curbside service to its members.

The library itself is closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the library is renting out a variety of books and movies.

“Curbside books go out, they come back in, they get cleaned, and they go back out again,” a library volunteer said. “We’re using all the safe stuff they tell us to do.”

The library also offers members the opportunity to check out e-books online. The message the library wants everyone to know is, “people want their books -- we’re going to find a way.”

If you’re interested in either the online service or curbside pick-up, you can visit the Lillie Russel Memorial Library’s website for more information.

Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions - Winnsboro

WEBXTRA: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions

Northeast Texas Auctions and Antiques, in Winnsboro, has online auctions and estate sales. You can bid from the safety of your own home and schedule a one-on-one pickup time.

“We’ll set up an appointment, we only take a couple appointments in the same time frame, in 30 min intervals, so there’s not many people in the store at the same time,” said owners Judy and David Peacock.

The Peacocks said if anyone is uncomfortable coming into the store with anyone else in there:

“They can wait in their car and come in when the other person leaves,” said Judy. "We have sanitizing wipes, we wipe down the doorknobs in between customers. If they pay with a credit card, we have a tablet and we have pens with a stylus and they can keep the pen. “We’re doing everything we can to follow the guidelines.”

If you’re looking for some educational resources, check out our list of safe things to do with your kids while staying home.

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