Kilgore resident organizes ‘bear hunt’ to ease boredom

Kilgore resident organizes ‘bear hunt’ to ease boredom

KILGOR, Texas (KLTV) - There’s a bear hunt in Kilgore. No the city has not been overrun by wild animals. Some residents have set up a little adventure that will help alleviate boredom for families stuck at their house.

And, as KLTV 7s Jamey Boyum discovered it can be done while maintaining social distancing.

Megan Turner is a Kilgore fifth grade teacher, and like many, she has been spending a lot of time cooped up in her house.

It was there she stumbled on a reason to get out of the house.

“We are having a bear hunt here in Kilgore. We’re encouraging people to put stuffed animal bears and homemade bears in their windows for families to drive around and find,” Megan revealed.

She knows people really would like to safely get out of the house for a bit.

“I know with my two little ones were getting stir crazy being stuck at home,” Megan said.

She says a friend invited her to a bear hunt Facebook event in Shreveport.

“I borrowed her idea to bring it here to Kilgore,” Megan stated.

Megan put out several bears and said 30 people in Kilgore were putting those wild, woolly animals in their windows.

So, yes she is encouraging shooting the bears, but use a camera.

“No weapons please. Keep our bears safe. They are friendly bears. They don’t bite. They’re just hiding in the windows to spread some positivity," Megan said.

Since she made it an event people are posting:

“The streets that they are on and where the bears are located if they’re in different windows or things like that,” Megan stated.

She says to keep a good count use your phone to:

“Capture the bears and then share the bears,” I said to Megan.“Yes. Share the bears,” Megan smiled.

And if you look hard enough you might find that bear that’s way too big for a standard window. You might want to find him since judging from his hat he has a good connection with Santa.

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