Retired KLTV engineer returns home from quarantine in California

Home From Quarantine

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Retired KLTV engineer Butch Adair and his wife were on the Grand Princess cruise ship, where 21 people on board tested positive for COVID-19. The ship idled for days off the coast of California, before passengers were let off the boat and sent into quarantine.

“The day we got off the ship, you walk down the game plank and before you stepped off, they were sitting there checking your temperature. From there, they put us on a bus, hauled us over to the airport, but we did not go through the normal terminal, they took us straight out onto the tarmac and loaded us onto a chartered jet,” Adair said.

From there, Butch and his wife were taken to Miramar Marine Base in San Diego where they were quarantined in a nearby hotel for two weeks.

“After the first two days, we were able to get out, walk around. It was a hotel that they had fenced in all the way around, so as long as we were inside the fence, we could circle the hotel, the parking lots and everything made a complete circle around the outside, so we’d go out and walk laps around the hotel,” Adair said.

After their two week quarantine was up, they were given the all clear to leave.

"We finished our 14 days yesterday and at that point, we were carried to the San Diego airport and we came home on commercial flights just like any other person,” Adair said.

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