Longview teacher talks about making learning work from home

Longview teacher talks about making learning work from home

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - It’s an understatement to say school has changed. Educators and students are struggling to make learning work.

KLTV 7′s Jamey Boyum speaks with a Longview ISD third grade teacher to see how she’s handling the situation of schooling from home.

Ned E. Williams Elementary School sits empty and locked up patiently awaiting the return of learning.

But like most teachers Sonya Jones is teaching without the luxury of a building.

“As soon as they told us that we won’t be in school I immediately went on social media and was like okay parents I have assignments that I have assigned for Study Island; all those district things that they have initiated and I went ahead and started sending those assignments day one,” Jones said.

After teaching with Longview ISD for a 12 years, Jones said the extended spring break was tough.

“To go without teaching has been a total shock to my system,” she said.

She stays in touch with her students through social media and by making phone calls.

“I have everyone’s numbers; keeping in contact with them that way. We have packets that have been mailed out,” Jones said.

She says other teachers may not give their phone numbers to their students but Jones is teaching her way to make sure questions get answers.

“I’m home schooling my own kids so I have lots of time to talk with my parents,” Jones said.

And she’s sticking to a school schedule for her and her kids.

“I still even get up at five in the morning and do my workouts,” Jones said.

And as far as not giving the STAAR test well:

“I teach to where my students are ready for the next grade,” Jones said.

But she, and her students have grown accustomed to each other’s presence.

“I wrote a note on poster board that said I miss you. Love Miss Jones, and I went by different houses and held my sign up,” she said.

She’s not the only teacher to share a little drive-by love. And she probably won’t be the last.

Longview ISD is mailing packets to some students who are unable to complete assignments on line.

Packets are completed and parents are responsible for getting them back to the school by drop off or by mail.

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