Bullard ISD teachers put on parade for students learning at home

Bullard ISD teachers put on parade for students learning at home

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - Some teachers with Bullard Independent School District drove through neighborhoods Tuesday to say hi to their youngest students.

“I said, hey what do you think about doing a parade and visiting our kids and they jumped on board,” said Amanda Goode, the principal at Bullard Early Childhood. “It just speaks to the family we have on campus.”

The teachers said it was a much needed visit after a few unplanned weeks apart.

“None of us expected, after spring break, we wouldn’t be jumping right back into teaching and learning and seeing our kids,” said Goode.

“I think it’s really made us reevaluate how important our job is and the impact we have on our kids lives every day,” said Christine Decur, a pre-k teacher. “We’re ready to see them, we miss them a lot.”

It’s hard to tell who missed who more — the teachers or students.

“We miss you,” said Skylar Pinalto, a kindergartner at the school, holding up the sign she made for her teacher, Ms. Holt.

“She understands there’s a virus and she has to stay away from people but she couldn’t quite understand why she couldn’t go to school,” said Naomi Pinalto, Skylar’s mom. “She loves going to school.”

Naomi said Skylar was excited for days, knowing she’d be seeing her teacher.

“She said hi to me,” exclaimed an excited Skylar. “Ms. Holt!”

When asked how excited she was, Skylar replied, “One hundred happy emojis!"

Naomi said the visit represents the family-like feel of the community.

“It shows the community network that happens here in Bullard,” said Naomi. “Everyone looks out for each other. Those teachers are so kind and so strong.”

Goode said it speaks to the teachers at Bullard ISD.

“We will do anything for our students and our families,” said Goode. “Even if it’s just putting eyes on them and waving and yelling that we love them from the car window.”

Goode had a message for the students at home.

“Keep doing your work and know we love you and care for you and we’re here for you,” said Goode.

To Ms. Holt, and the rest of the teachers, Skylar wants you to know:

“I love her,” said Skylar.

Classes across the state have been canceled since Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered all schools to be closed for two weeks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students haven’t seen their teachers since the closure.

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