Trainers at APEC Tyler looking for alternative ways to help athletes stay in shape

APEC training challenge

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Last week, clients of the Athlete Performance Enhancement Center in Tyler got in their last round of workouts before everything was shut down. Now, Bobby Stroupe and his trainers must find an alternative in helping those that come for a hardcore training session.

“What we’re having to do is send guys workouts and keep them ready, and I’ve got a basic database of the best times I’ve seen guys hit,” Stroupe said. “I’ve got some video of some things - some things I don’t. It’s not ideal, but with the leverage and the relationships that we have and the history of telling the truth, we’ve got some history with some scouts and some teams where they’re gonna believe us, but unfortunately, some aren’t.”

For NFL players, the challenge of staying on top of their game won’t be easy, NFL facilities are also closed. However, APEC has an obligation to deliver.

“But we’re gonna keep our guys ready, and keeping our guys ready could mean mid-April they all get a workout, could mean they just go into OTAs, but this is unchartered waters,” Stroupe said.

Athletes are used to making sacrifices, but their discipline will be challenged. That could be a potential set back for those that come here to train for the NFL. It’s a two- way street. The reputation of APEC ranks high among pro scouts. Under the current challenge COVID-19 presents, the APEC reputation is what they have to stand on.

'There’s definitely opportunities right now to create relationships and build trust, but I think that comes from telling the truth and making sure," Stroupe said. “It’s a tough situation because you want the best relationship with the people that you work with obviously. You have to also represent your integrity, your reputation. You gotta make sure that you tell them the truth. Then if they end up opening the Pro Day, and it’s in the middle of April, and those guys don’t that or exceed that then that’s not gonna go well.”

Stroupe said he hopes it happens and that his guys get to show their ability.

“A lot of our guys have gotten that chance, and they’ve done well,” Stroupe said. “I think that benefits us from saying this is what I said this kid would do, he did that, or exceeded that.”

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