East Texas church holds drive in service

East Texas church holds drive in service

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - While East Texas church parking lots are largely empty with services cancelled the pastors at Big Sandy’s ‘Sit-Em-Down Cowboy Church are taking care of their congregation’s spiritual needs, ‘drive-in movie’ style.

Big Sandy’s 'Sit-Em-Down Cowboy Church allowed members to drive in for services, literally. “I got with my elders and they said you know at times like these we need Gods word to go forth,” said Chad Lee, Pastor, Sit-Em-Down Cowboy Church.

It was a drive-in service. Members were given the option to drive their cars into the Davis Ranch rodeo arena and stay in their cars as speakers broadcast services. “We let them come park in the arena, and we set up microphones in the arena where they could come and listen,” said Lee.

“This is our ministry field. We feel just as comfortable preaching to people in their cars, or in the dirt as we do inside,” said Ricky Coughron, Lay Pastor. And while some did others decided to go inside anyway. The point they say of this exercise was to quell fear in a fearful time, and that faith will not be beaten by a virus.

“It’s fear. Gods word says he didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and of sound mind,” said Lee. Some see it as a test, similar to what past generations have gone through and survived. “People our age have never been through this. We didn’t live through the depression. My parents did. My dad did. I remember him telling us you don’t now what it’s like. Well we’re finding out what its like,” said Coughron.

The church plans to continue services like this for all comers until further notice.

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