East Texans talk about practicing social distancing

East Texans talk about practicing social distancing

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Keep your distance. Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say everyone should stay at least six feet apart when in a public place.

But how is that working out? KLTV 7 spoke with some East Texans to get their thoughts on the six-foot rule.

In downtown Longview it’s pretty easy to keep away from other people with so many staying home. But shopping is a necessity and that can bring people together so are others staying six feet away?

Charlene Jeter of Kilgore said, “If they’re not I’m trying to stay away from them, at least three to six feet.”

“At times. It just depends on where you are, because if you’re in the grocery store and they’re trying whatever that’s left over, you’re going to be real close to them,” Rosalind Owens of Longview said.

“I think most people that are out are being cautious I think. I see traffic has slowed and that’s a good sign also,” said Keith Warren of Longview.

“Definitely. I barely hang out with friends because of the virus,” said Monique Powell of Longview.

And most have the same thing on their mind:

“You don’t know where any of us has been. You can go to Tyler and come back here and have something, or you can go to Marshall and come back here and possibly have something. But you’re not going to know it for a week or two down the road,” Carlene Manly of Longview said.

“This one, you can get it on contact with a sneeze and it stays on surfaces so long; they’re taking it a little more seriously, you know staying their distance,” Owens said.

And Keith Warren has a little advice for everyone.

“Just be wise, be smart; good way to stay alive,” he said.

They all agree they have seen a lot more shopping cart etiquette than ever before.

East Texans we spoke with today said people really are trying their best to keep plenty of space, and are not shaking hands or hugging friends.

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