Better East Texas: Greyhound station needs to move back to Tyler

Better East Texas: Greyhound station needs to move back to Tyler

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In many major cities, mass transportation is the lifeline for moving people through busy corridors with a common destination in mind. While masses of people may not be moved in this way in East Texas, the idea and need for mass transportation is a reality and a necessity for some. Specifically, bus service through our area, and specifically Greyhound Bus Lines.

Here is a company that has been around for decades that is faced with adapting to changing market conditions. We have seen it for years with other companies that have retooled and found a way to stay in business. Well, Greyhound service has adapted – they have a mobile app, a rewards program and have worked to get more efficient by moving their bus stops closer to interstate highways. And such is the case in a few East Texas cities that have I-20 running through them.

But that is not the case for Tyler. Greyhound has moved the bus station from downtown out to the Texas Best Smokehouse, essentially a truck stop at I-20 and Highway 271. If you know that location, you know that it is no where near Tyler or any of the services that bus patrons might use as a next step. In fact, some riders have to use a ride share service or taxi to actually get to Tyler.

This appears to be a case of something that looks good on a map but is a disaster in a practical sense. So, come on Greyhound, put some eyes on this and move the Tyler bus station somewhere in – well – Tyler and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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