Singer Neal McCoy streams free performance Friday night

WEBXTRA: Singer Neal McCoy to hold impromptu concert on Facebook

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Entertainers are in the same boat as many, being hindered by social distancing. So Longview Entertainer Neal McCoy decided to offer a free concert to whoever wants to attend via the internet.

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Posted by Neal McCoy on Friday, March 20, 2020

So far he’s cancelled about a dozen shows, and like many, Neal McCoy is biding his time at home just waiting for the all clear.

So he decided to do a free concert:

“Just to boost spirits up. You know you got a lot of people that are so scared of everything and depressed what they’re hearing on the news and channels and everything and I thought well the least I can do is do a; it’s kind of going to be a karaoke concert. It’s going to be in the front seat of my pickup,” McCoy said.

He’s using prerecorded instrumental music plugged into his vehicle.

“And I’m just going to tell jokes with no laugh track so when I get done with the joke and I don’t hear any laughter, which I won’t, I’m going to think, well that bombed,” McCoy smiled.

And he hopes his singing won’t bomb. There’s no tweaking to make it sound perfect.

“Am I going to be sharp or flat? You know I haven’t sang in a couple weeks so my voice may not be as in good shape as when you’re singing all the time, but I’m good with that,” McCoy revealed.

Well, maybe that’ll make it more entertaining if he’s a little off.

“And it’s okay. That’s the deal. But I just want to sing. It’ll be live from my truck. I’m sure the acoustics won’t be that great,” McCoy said.

It’s certainly something many of us can identify with: The vehicular stage.

"So I just thought, well if people are going to be stuck at home maybe we can have a little old concert and get them to sing with us and clap their hands or something and have a little fun. Just brighten up their day a little,” McCoy added.

So it’s just like karaoke carpool, except it’s a truck and there’s no pool. And as far as someone singing in the car, well this time it may actually be worth a listen.

Neal McCoy Concert

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