SFA coaches talk about weekend without basketball

SFA coaches talk about weekend without basketball
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - It has been a tough weekend for everyone as the country tries to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

For the SFA basketball coaches it was a weird time at home they are not used to.

“There are next steps through that grieving process that we are not getting when sports ends,” SFA Ladyjacks head coach mark Kellogg said. “I turned on the TV and it was like the 2016 A10 Championship. I can’t remember who it was. I couldn’t even watch that. It is just the closure or lack of finality that is the hardest thing.”

SFA men’s head coach Kyle Keller hoped to be talking about the destination for where his team would be going to get ready for the NCAA tournament. Instead he was talking about returning back to the office.

“I had to spend three days with my family,” Keller said. “My wife asked like night, ‘What time are leaving to the office tomorrow?’ because I can only clean the garage and do stuff. Coach [Kelogg] plays golf. I don’t play golf. I have no hobbies so it is a problem at my house. We have to keep working."

While the coaches are frustrated with their seasons ending both pointed out how the men and women had their best seasons in years and that the health of many is at stake.

“The great thing about sports is it brings people together,” Keller said. "Unfortunately we have had sports taken away and that is the hardest part of the world we are going through. We are making sacrifices for the world’s health. It is just a game and we have to protect people’s health. My father is 81 years-old. I lost my mom this summer and I begged my father to stay in the house because I do not want to lose him either. He has a kidney issue. I have an assistant coach who has had 11 rounds of chemo since last summer and his life is more important than playing a game... I learned this a long time ago to tell your loved ones, your mother, your father, your children, your grandparents that you love them that you don’t have the right perspective on life. "

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