Nacogdoches ISD takes advantage of Spring Break to deep clean schools

Nacogdoches ISD takes advantage of Spring Break to deep clean schools
Stock photo of the janitorial staff at work in Nacogdoches ISD

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Protection from all viruses is taken seriously at schools. Custodial staff in many school districts, including Nacogdoches ISD use spring break as an opportunity for deep cleaning.

The hiss of a fogger and the fine mist it sends is just one defense against all viruses, particularly COVID-19 says custodial supervisor Mike Davis.

"You put electrolyte in with water and then you put a charge in and that actually converts it basically to chlorine," explained Davis.

The process is done periodically, mostly during long holidays.

"We hit every nook. Every cranny. You know, areas we don't get on a regular basis. This is the time the students aren't here. We actually have time to go in to do a deep cleaning," said Davis.

There are 55 custodians for NISD. No one gets a spring break. Cheryl Durden doesn't complain. And she's not afraid " Look around. Go around. This is what I do every day, this cafeteria," Durden said while gesturing across the cafeteria at Carpenter Elementary.

And James Pitts works the night shift from 3 to 11:30.

They use disinfectants daily. One kind soaks into surfaces.

"You spray it down and just let it dissolve. And it kills germs by itself," said Durden.

But daily cleaning remains a must, according to Davis.

"I don't care what you do. You can turn the place upside down, but it's only going to last until that one person

comes along that's contaminated and then you got to start all over."

The staff gets Friday off. Come Monday they’ll be reminding children to faculty that keeping a school as germ-free as possible is a collaborative effort. Hand washing will be a priority.

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