Disabled veteran makes specialized wooden American flags for fellow veterans

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Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 10:33 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas veteran has found a new talent in making specialized American flags out of wood.

He turns ordinary pieces of pine into old glory. But it’s why he does it that will catch your attention.

Disabled army veteran Gary Scott of Troup says he's making more than just a decoration.

“It might take me four or five boards to find just the right 13 pieces I need. I researched finally found a technique that would work for me. Just started making them,” he says.

We first saw his work when he donated it to a Kilgore Vietnam veteran who was scammed by a contractor, and a year later returned to his home, after many people had pitched in to help him pay to have it repaired.

“That just touched my heart. No veteran, especially a Vietnam veteran who suffered so much, should have ever experienced what he experienced in his own home,” Scott says.

He does them for every service branch, and police and fire.

"My youngest son is air force, my oldest is a police officer," says Gary.

Each flag he makes is precise. 13 stripes. Blue field. 50 stars.

"I'll put whatever on it for whatever veteran is in need of one," he says.

The flags have intentional burn marks on them, symbolic of what the flags been through.

"She's been through a lot, she's seen a lot," says Scott.

Though he sells some of his flags, he will take no money from veterans.

Scott is now making Texas flags as well. Each flag takes about four days to complete.

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