Tyler’s new all-access park now closed indefinitely

WEBXTRA: Southside park closed indefinitely

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - After only a few months of being open, Tyler’s all-inclusive playground at Southside Park is closed.

The park has been closed indefinitely due to damage that was likely caused by water, according to Russ Jackson, Tyler’s parks and recreation director.

“We’re closing it because there are some safety issues we want to address,” said Jackson. “It’s given away enough that a small child or even an adult’s foot could go through it and it could trip, or hurt them in some form.”

Southside Park was designed to be ADA-qualified for people of all mobility levels.

Areas of the park have started to cave in, and Russ Jackson, the city’s parks and recreation director, said Tyler officials made the decision to close the park for the safety of the adults and children who use it.

“We’re not sure exactly what is causing it, we see it’s a water event, but why is not making any sense,” said Jackson. “The closure is to protect anyone walking there.”

Jackson said a lot of people are looking into the issue and trying to find out what caused the cave-in areas. He said the City of Tyler plans to re-open the park, but he has no idea how long it will take. Jackson said it could be two weeks, or it could be two months.

“Our hope is to get it back up and going and be safe for the users,” said Jackson. “That’s our priority right there.”

“It has been loved; the kids have enjoyed it,” said Jackson. “I’ve never seen it packed at any of our playgrounds quite like this one.”

While the playground at the park is closed, the bathrooms, pavilion and basketball court will remain open.

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