Fire marshal K9 who helped solve East Texas church arsons dies

Gregg County K-9 officer passes away

GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas fire marshal’s office is saddened over the passing on one of their top investigators over the years, a K9 arson dog.

K9 officer Nina worked several cases in Gregg County but is most remembered for her work in helping to find evidence in the infamous East Texas church arson cases.

She was a tireless worker, and for 14 years Nina was the constant companion of Gregg County fire marshal Mark Moore.

"She was a big part of my life. She became more than just my partner. All the cases we had to work," Moore says.

She worked numerous cases over the years from homicide scenes to arsons. Even once catching a suspect in the crowd.

"There was a young man that thought he would stick around and watch the fire burn. Nina alerted on him and we were able to take him into custody," Mark says.

She was crucial in the effort to find evidence in the church fire cases which eventually led to arrests in the case, after she discovered something science couldn’t.

“She was at every scene. Every church fire was worked by her. We didn’t have another team brought in. The arsonists were using a type of substance that hadn’t been used. She was alerting in many things that the lab was unable to detect at the time,” the fire marshal says.

When she retired, she became a permanent member of Moore's family.

“She loved people. I still have people come up today and say hey Mark where’s your dog?” says Mark.

When the end was near, Moore spent time with Nina on her final day.

"We spent that day riding around. I took her to her favorite places. She had a good day," he says.

Nina passed away on January 9th.

Nina’s ashes are being kept at a permanent memorial at Moore’s house.

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