Ten arrested in Rusk County delinquent child support roundup

WEBXTRA: 10 arrested in Rusk County delinquent child support roundup

RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - A delinquent child support roundup in Rusk County netted 10 arrests Tuesday morning. The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office, the Henderson Police Department and the Texas Attorney General’s Office collaborated in the roundup.

“There were 30 on the list to start with, and we’re still actively searching for the others,” said Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price. “A lot of them have called in and tried to make arrangements and make deals. If they come in today and visit with the AG, they can work something out with the attorney general’s office. If they don’t come in today, then they’ll just have to be booked into the county jail and go back before the AG judge."

Some of those arrested are behind tens of thousands of dollars in child support, Price said. The total amount of child support owed by those on the roundup list exceeds $639,000.

Those arrested include:

Jesse Lee Williams, Jr., 36

Michael D. Hall, 46

Luis Alberto Valdez, 42

Lance Dewayne Prior, 35

Reagan Louis Goss, 37

Nicholas Troynell Hall, 45

Ezell McElhanon, 45

Charles Ray Christopher, 54

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