Addison’s parents: Hold onto your children extra tight

For them, that emptiness, that void without their 3-year-old, now seems everlasting

Addison’s parents: Hold onto your children extra tight
Addison Hickman, a 3-year-old who died after being hurt in a Valentine's Day traffic accident, "was a ray of sunshine. ... She was great," says her mother, Ashley Cooper. (Source: Jefferson, Texas, ISD)

(KSLA) — She died in a Shreveport hospital after being hurt in a two-vehicle wreck in East Texas.

Five days after the Valentine’s Day accident, the 3-year-old girl was laid to rest in a Harrison County cemetery.

Now her parents have an emotional message for parents everywhere: Hold onto your children extra tight.

“Just love them and kiss them every night, before you leave them anywhere, daycare, school, whatever," Ashley Cooper says. "Kiss the babies and tell them you love them because you never know.”

Now the hallways of Jefferson Primary School are quiet. An inexplicable emptiness lingers.

“It’s like, it’s numb,” James Hickman says.

"We’ve got an angel watching over us now,” Cooper adds.

For them, that emptiness, that void without Addison, now seems everlasting.

When asked how they are holding up, "Uhhh ... trying, trying” came the response.

Addison was on her way to school and less than three miles away when the collision happened on Texas Highway 49 in Marion County.

"I thought I would’ve went before any of my kids,” James Hickman said.

"It’s just something I never thought would’ve happened. I wish I would’ve been the one carrying them to school that day.”

But Addison — “Woosie Woo. That’s what we called her” — left a hopeful and beautiful mark on the people she loved.

"She was a ray of sunshine. She loved all kids. She loved to play. She just, I don’t know, she was great,” he mother added.

When asked what they would tell Addison if she were still here, Cooper said:

“I love you my Woosie Woo. I love you to the moon and back. That’s what I always told her.”

"Yeah, I’d tell her I love her,” Addison’s father added.

Although Addison’s life was taken way to soon, her shining spirit will last forever.

And along with her parents, Addison is survived by one of her best friends — her sister.

Earlier this week, students and staffers at Jefferson ISD wore Addison’s favorite colors — purple and pink — as a tribute to her.


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