Better East Texas: Voter turnout for primaries needs to be strong

Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 4:37 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It is about to get hot and heavy in the political stew in Texas – at least on the democrats’ side. Several stars have aligned that put Texas in the forefront for Democratic presidential candidates.

First of all, we are holding our primary vote on Super Tuesday, March 3. Texas, along with a slew of other states, will total votes that night and the winners will have momentum towards winning the nomination.

Next, Texas is a big prize – 228 delegates. Now, political rules in the Lone Star State award delegates proportionally to the votes won by the candidates. Meaning, it is not a winner take all, but every delegate is important. The democrats know this and we have already seen the major players courting voters in the major markets. We’ll see if any of them they swing through East Texas at all, but regardless Texas s a big prize.

Whether Democrat of Republican, the overriding message is that we need to get out and vote. Early voting started on February 18 and then Super Tuesday is again, March 3. Between now and then we will all be hit with messaging from the candidates so now is the time to do your research and check out candidates’ websites, see their priorities and pick the ones that align with your values.

Voter turnout needs to increase across the state and with Texas participating in Super Tuesday, it should. Our right to vote should not be discarded and we shouldn’t assume that our vote doesn’t make a difference. Our election system is uniquely American and participating in it is critical and that makes for a Better East Texas.

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