Epilepsy support group coming to East Texas

Epilepsy support group coming to East Texas
The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas is hosting a support group meeting in East Texas. (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Those behind the new epilepsy awareness laws for Texas schools are now bringing an epilepsy support group to East Texas.

The first meeting will be Thursday, March 5.
The first meeting will be Thursday, March 5. (Source: Shari Dudo)

The support group will be an opportunity to learn about epilepsy, meet others with epilepsy in the community and learn about available resources.

“To get to meet and talk to people that may have the same diagnosis as you, or to talk to a parent that has to help a child that has epilepsy and seizures, you begin to realize you’re not alone,” said Shari Dudo, a board member of the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas. “You begin to get a network of support and a community of support, which is important when you’re dealing with a chronic lifetime illness.”

The group’s first meeting takes place at the Bradley Conference Room in the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler, on Thursday, March 5.

The meeting will have information about epilepsy assistance canines and is free to attend.

Refreshments will be provided and parking will be reimbursed.

The following meetings will be on the first Thursday of May, September, and November.

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