Classmate gives student with vision impairment braille Valentine

Braille Valentine

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It was a Valentines day card that teachers and students at one East Texas school will never forget.

A classmate of a girl who is visually impaired at Pine Tree primary wanted to help her enjoy Valentines day just like the rest of her classmates.

5-year-old Allison Martinez is visually impaired, but goes to Kindergarten like any other student and is loved by her classmates.

“Children in Pre-K and Kindergarten, they have such big hearts and they haven’t learned the cruelness of the world, and to watch in our school the love. I don’t want anyone to say that she can’t be with her peers,” says Principal Christie Parsons.

“Allison sees with her hands; she has to feel where she’s walking, who she’s talking to, she has to feel who you are. She needed to be able to feel who her Valentine was,” says Kindergarten teacher Lindsey Stanley.

On Valentines Day, all the children gave out cards, and Allison’s classmate Lydia Knight had one to remember.

“She did keep saying she had a special Valentine for Allison, but I wasn’t sure how she was making it,” Stanley says.

"It says love Allison and Lydia," said Lydia.

“It was a Valentine that her and her mom made, and they used different jewels to Braille each letter,” says Stanley.

No pre-conceived notions, no pretenses. Their reasoning is simple.

“It’s a special bond. Someone cares about you. We sometimes lose that along the way in life,” Parsons says.

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