Roads flooded, possibly damaged in Gregg County

Flood waters affect bus routes, roadways in Gregg County

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas school district had to delay bus routes because of flooded roads this morning, and at least two roads had to be closed off because of washouts and possible water damage.

FM 726 in Upshur County, FM 1844 and FM 1650 in Gregg County, among the dozen county roadways that had fast moving water over them, making for some dangerous situations.

“You don’t cross one when it’s flooded because you don’t know if that road is, one, stable underneath, or two, if it’s still there. We did have to have a car extracted this morning from someone trying to cross the Big Woods Road area,” says Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Josh Tubb.

Union Grove schools delayed their school bus schedule for the safety of students and drivers.

"Looking at the roads with it being dark when our buses go out we wanted to be sure we had visibility on the roads. We did have some students that we were not able to pick up. I have staff members who were not able to make it in to work today, because of where they live," says superintendent Kelly Moore.

FM 1650 and Big Woods Road were the big concerns. Erosion and water damage is suspected on both.

"The emergency management coordinator has been out this morning checking for signs of erosion," Tubb says.

Some motorists attempted to cross, but most saw the danger.

“No, I’m going to go around to the next farm to market road, I’m not driving through that. That’s just, no,” said one motorist.

Late Wednesday, TxDOT workers inspected the bridge area of FM 1650.

They say there was no erosion or water damage to the area, and it is reopen tonight.

Flood water creates dangerous roads across East Texas

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