Floodwaters recede in north Longview where water covered roadways

Floodwaters recede in north Longview where water covered roadways
North Longview flooding

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Two roads in north Longview that were covered by floodwaters Wednesday morning are back open. The City of Longview had to close several roads because of high water from three days of rain.

By 8:30 a.m. water had completely covered Dumas Road near Mitzi Road in north Longview. The city had put up barricades warning people to find another route.

Something David Wooten who lives nearby is familiar with.

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“It don’t flood us out. We’re fine but it gets down there in that swamp down there; low area, and it does it about three times a year,” Wooten said.

Water sometimes flows over nearby Brent Road as well, and although there is a way around sometimes people risk driving across anyway.

“Well sometimes they go down through there and drive through it when it’s about six inches deep,” Wooten said.

"That’s kind of pushing your luck a little,” I offered.

“Oh, yeah,” he agreed.

Captain Larry Gonzales, with Judson Metro Volunteer Fire Department, said that is a risky thing to do.

“A little bit of moving water goes a long way. It doesn’t take a lot of moving water to move a vehicle. Your car could be swept off the roadway and be engulfed really quickly. So I advise stay away from any water over the roadway,” Gonzales said.

He says if you can’t see the road you definitely shouldn’t cross.

“The road could be washed away underneath there. So you have a lot more hazards not being able to see the roadway under there,” Gonzales explained.

And though debris can be obvious, sometimes it is hidden under the surface. That can cause issues too.

“Oil, hidden oil and stuff on the roadways, it makes it really slick in certain spots. So it’s real hard to see those black spots on these roads like that,” Gonzales said.

And though it didn’t seem like it ever would, the rain finally stopped, and water began to recede, like on Dumas Road.

“Maybe an hour it goes down; after it quits raining,” Wooten relayed.

There at the creek in North Longview, and in the middle of town where drainage, as it is supposed to, runs through Lois Jackson Park on its way out of town.

The water had drained off Dumas Road, and a few other closed roads in Longview by about 1 p.m. The Longview Fire Department said they weren’t called out on any swift water rescues.

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