Three Tyler brothers will continue their bond on football field for ETBU

3 Brothers

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - They’ve been playing football together since they were three years old.

Now, 15 years later, brothers Emmanuel, Jeremiah and Isaiah Milton will play together for at least another four years. And they’re staying close to home to do it. The trio has signed on to play college ball at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall.

Though they all had different opinions on where to play, they all believe the decision will only make their bond as brothers, Christians and football players stronger on and off the field.

“We’ve always been together no matter what through football since we were three years old," Isaiah said. “At the end of the day, we’re brothers, we’re family. We decided to stick together.”

“We just feel like we perform a lot better together and we have a lot of chemistry and that helps a lot,” Emmanuel added.

They work as a team by hyping each other up and of course there’s the occasional trash talk about which one played better.

Aside from continuing the tradition of playing together, the choice for all of them to go to the same school worked out well for their parents.

“They were extremely happy because they don’t have to go all over the country or whatever just to watch us play, so it’s a blessing,” Emmanuel said.

Dad. the Rev. Jerome Milton said the decision was a surprise and one that filled his heart with joy.

“Together we do it better. Together we’re going to support them to do bigger and better and greater things,” he said. “They wanted to stay together. They wanted to play together. They wanted to achieve together and accomplish together.”

Getting these three young men to college is a milestone for the Milton family not just because they’re going to the same school. The trio is the last three of 11 kids Milton adopted.

“How sweet it is. It is wonderful. It is awesome. It is out of this world. I cannot express the joy. I cannot express the spirit. i cannot express the exuberance that I have in my heart," the elder Milton said. “These are my last three. It comes to an end. it comes to a finality. to God be the glory.”

The trio said their decision to go to ETBU was rooted in their deep Christian faith. They can’t wait to step on that field for the first time and show ETBU what they can do.

“We hope we can bring greatness. We hope we can bring humility, and just spread the gospel there,” Jeremiah said.

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