Despite being on top of the world, Patrick Mahomes rooted in humble East Texas beginnings

Despite being on top of the world, Patrick Mahomes rooted in humble East Texas beginnings
Patrick Mahomes meets with the media following his win in the big game (Source: ABC News)

MIAMI, Florida (KLTV) - Patrick Mahomes is in a class of his own and understands that it started for him years ago in East Texas.

Mahomes led the Chiefs to a 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers to claim their second Lombardi Trophy. Mahomes set several marks in the game. The Chiefs under Mahomes as quarterback were the first team to have three come from behind wins in one postseason run. Mahomes is the second youngest player to win the big game and the youngest player to win both an NFL MVP award and a championship game MVP.

Mahomes spent his Monday at Disney World and was able to get on the new Star Wars rides. Despite getting all the attention Mahomes still is all about his humble beginnings.

At his final press conference in Miami he talked about the importance of having his former Whitehouse teammates and coach Adam Cook in attendance.

“I have been blessed to be in great communities,” Mahomes said. “Growing up in Whitehouse and then going to Lubbock and now being in Kansas City . I had my high school coach here and a lot of my high school friends. They showed me support through this and I am just glad they where here for this moment.”

Mahomes was asked about his comebacks and which one stands out to him. He went back in his mind to 2013 as Whitehouse was looking to win on his senior night.

“The one I will always remember is when I won the district championship my senior year,” Mahomes said. “We played John Tyler, which is a powerhouse in Texas. It is where Earl Campbell went to high school. We had to go down at the end of the game and score a touchdown on the last drive. I ran a touchdown in. Having the mindset of never giving up was always instilled in me.”

The goal for the Chiefs is to not be a one-hit wonder.

“I am going to enjoy this for a couple of weeks then we are going to get back grinding this offseason,” Mahomes said. “Go back in and try to do more stuff. Everyone is gunning for us. We are going to try to win games and be back here on this stage.”

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