Coleman on the Road: Pat Mahomes, Sr. says son has ‘taken the ball and run with it’ when it comes to professionalism

Coleman on the Road - 10PM 1/31/20

MIAMI, Florida (KLTV/KTRE) - The father of the Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Jr., spoke with our Michael Coleman on Friday in Miami.

Mahomes Sr., who was a MLB pitcher for 11 years, said he’s very excited to see his son play in the Super Bowl on Sunday. He’s had a busy week, himself.

“It’s been kind of wild. KC has been trying to get in the Super Bowl again for 50 years now, so for them to have an opportunity and Patrick being the quarterback and all that, you know, it’s been kind of hectic," he said.

And though folks talk about his son’s football-playing abilities, they also talk about the humanity side of him, and that is at least partially attributed to his parents’ upbringing.

“You can see it (character training) in his interviews, you can see it in the way he carries himself on and off the field,” Mahomes Sr. said. “He’s business at hand. We told him from an early age, once you become a professional, that is your job. You’ve got to act like a professional. And so far he’s taken the ball and run with it pretty good, making sure not to forget anybody, and to make sure that everybody feels just as important as he does.”

Mr. Mahomes says proudly, “He’s done good with it!”

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